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Q2 2022
Q3 2022
Q4 2022

Phase #1

Table stakes

  • MVP wallet for iOS, Android and Browser extension
  • ETH & SOL support
  • Wallet connect support
  • Hardware wallets support
  • Arbitrum, Optimism support
  • Web3 SDK
  • Tradfi onramps

Phase #2


  • Large directory of popular web3 dapps. Interacting with smart contracts natively in apps. Via decentralised chain networks directly. Not via centralised web2 APIs. Making it possible to interact with some of web3 dapps on mobile for the first time.
  • Additional web3 browser (interacts via front ends)
  • Additional L1s support
  • Additional L2s support
  • Additional fiat onramps support

Phase #3

web3 apps lab

  • Re-imagining most important web2 services for web3.
  • web3 messenger
  • web3 social media
  • web3 everything

mission & w3t IDO

Mission is to accelerate development of web3. To help assure it is built without compromising on crypto / cypherpunks values and principles. Decentralisation, censorship resistance, self custody, privacy. Not built and funded by the same people who built censorious, privacy destroying web2. We'll achieve this by building open source SDK for web3 apps, a state of the art web3 wallet, and finally dapps using said SDK.

There is, nor shall there ever be and VC presale / sale at discounted price. By frogs for frogs. Selling 10% of supply at IDO for $690,420. As far as crypto project funding goes, that is very much low end. We don’t want to raise stupid amount of capital at astronomical valuation. Team only gets to retire on the beach if products are phenomenally successful, not because of hype or unreasonable valuation.

W3T token will be initially used as utility token. It will qualify holders for discounts on trading fees. At phase 2 W3T LP stakers will receive all the fees generated in the apps via yield rewards. At phase 3 W3T LP will also become governance token. More IDO and tokenomics info here.

10% IDO

10% yield farm over 6 months

10% promotions & incentive schemes

50% Secret 🤭
end of phase #2

20% held by DAO forever to fund development from yield rewards

For updates, IDO announcement and product launch, follow on Twitter, sign up for eMail notification, join Telegram, or Discord.

web3 SDK

Secure storage of seed phrase

Wallet functionality

Hardware wallets support

Wallet connect

Connecting to chain networks

Support for large number of L1s & L2s

There are a relatively high barriers to entry when it comes to building web3 apps. Tables stakes feature remain considerable engineering undertaking. Aim is to provide unified library for accessing large variety of L1s & L2s. With interfaces for many popular programming languages. Eventually to become canonical library for all web3 needs.

Aside from core web3 library, goal is to provide UI framework for iOS, Android, Web and Desktop. Composed of extensible, customisable UI components. As well as entire flows that manage seed handling, transactions display and alike.

web3 Wallet

Best in class mobile and browser extension wallets. With compromises no on crypto ideals. Most vendors target new inexperienced users. Web3 wallet targets crypto natives. Offering advanced features, not supported by competitors. All the while providing sleek, polished, intuitive UI/UX approachable to beginners. Ultimate aim is for web3 wallet to become a wallet crypto natives recommend to family and friends.

Most of the front ends for smart contracts are hosted on centralised servers. Web3 wallet aims to support native in app smart contract interaction for large number of popular web3 dapps. Thus increasing decentralisation and censorship resistance. As well as allowing users to avoid analytics and tracking on front end. Hence increasing user privacy.

It very inconvenient, if not impossible, to use most of DeFi and web3 dapps on mobile. Due to front ends not being responsive and mobile browsers not supporting wallet browser extension. Web3 wallet aims to address former by supporting native in app smart contract interactions. And latter by providing mobile extension that inject web3 wallet provider to front ends and approves signing of transactions via mobile native browser extension. This would bring user experience on par with desktop browsers and browser extension wallets.

Self custodial

Support for large number of L1s & L2s

Native in app smart contract interaction






Options, perpetuals, synthetics

File storage

Open source MIT Licence

and much more !

web3 Apps

web3 messenger

web3 social

web3 everything !

With SDK in place for easy rapid development and wallet for generating sustainable funding. Finally focus will shift on fast phased prototyping and deployment of web3 dapps. Strategy is to take on largest web2 services and re-imagine them for web3. Frankly it is somewhat baffling that much of crypto conversations happen via centralized services, most of them not open source, some of them not even E2E encrypted like Discord. Or services requiring phone number as unique identifier like telegram or signal. True crypto native alternative for E2E messaging is inevitable. As is social media alternative. There is much hype around this space. However it appears to be funded by same VCs that funded web2. Built by same people that built web2, with similar mindset and willingness to compromise on cypto values. For example OpenSea doing IPO instead of IDO, Uniswap tracking users via front end and so on. We are going rapidly build alternatives with no compromises and feature them in best web3 wallet.



  • ex - biggest companies in crypto
  • nearly decade in crypto
  • web / solidity / deep neural nets


  • ex - number out of top ten wallets
  • half decade in crypto
  • over decade in mobile


  • collective of the best crypto designers out there